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Music by Lisanne Cole

I co-produced three albums over the years. I composed the music and wrote the lyrics and had wonderful session musicians on each of my albums.  My thanks to Steve Goodie, Tim Long & Guy Marshall who all did incredible work , I am so grateful to them and the musicians who shared their amazing gifts, I loved co- producing and being in the studio.

Lisanne Cole in Santa Monica. Photo by Vernon Bush

 This image was taken in a sweet cafe in Santa Monica/Los Angeles CA where I was performing my songs. Photo by Vernon Bush.

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Lisanne Cole as a DJ at Julianna's of London

I first started as a DJ when I was employed by Julianna's of London who only then...  employed female DJ's...I believe we were pretty much some of the first female DJ's of that time... my first job was on board a Greek cruise ship that traveled to Greek Islands, France Italy and Israel... then went on to work at a huge disco in Montreal... then to a private club in London called Wedges... then on to Spain to work for James Hunt a Formula one racing car driver.

Lisanne Cole as a DJ at Julianna's of London

If you want to buy any songs to add to your personal collection please contact me. Otherwise you can listen to a portion of each song at no cost.


Trance Ported

Life, In Full Bloom

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